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Registration Terms

1. About the Community.

  • The in-game community “Jolly Craps” (hereinafter referred to as “Community”) is a non-profit voluntary community of active people, united by the idea of spending their free time playing computer games.
  • This charter governs the general rules for participation in the Community.
  • The provisions of the Statute apply to all members of the Community. • Age priority: 18+
  • When joining the Guild, a person enters us, not a game character, and all relationships are built on this, and not on the basis of the skills of this or that character. But this takes into account the interests of the Guild in the future development of the Community.
  • Each member of the community should respectfully treat their fellows, regardless of seniority and time of stay.
  • Community Philosophy: Play at your leisure and do not stop others from enjoying the game.
  • Hands The Council is the main legislative, executive and judicial authority of the entire Community. Hands Council is a closed conference, which includes players with the rank of "Community Council".

2. Membership in the Community.

2.1 Each member of the Community must:

  • Know the charter. Check it out when joining.
  • Follow the rules when communicating with Community services. (You can get acquainted with them below).
  • Promote the development of the Community in active offices.
  • Respect other members of the community. Insults, as well as incorrect statements about the Community players, are undesirable, for rudeness to the address of the co-guild may be an exception.
  • Visit the voice channels in the Discord every time you start the game (except in special cases (for example, at work)).
  • Guild events in PvP and PvE activities are mandatory for all guild members who are online. Under the guild events means visiting gaming events (Siege, RB, BG, PvP raids, etc.). Repeated violation will result in exclusion from the guild.
  • Prioritize the interests and events of the Community.

2.2 Each member of the Community has the right.

  • For real life. Things in real life are more important than gaming.
  • For any action that does not contradict the interests of the Community.
  • On personal opinion (constructive) and initiative.
  • Freely leave the Community.

3. General rules on the Discord server.

  • It is forbidden to use obscene words and so on.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Show respect to everyone on this server, regardless of their role and time spent in the guild.
  • Prohibited demonstration or propaganda of drug use, hatred and violence, including the promotion of racism, Nazism, fascism, obsessive sexism, demonstration or propaganda of intolerance on a social, racial, national, age, gender basis.
  • Mat is not prohibited, but is not encouraged. Try to use it extremely rarely and only for the expression of emotions.
  • Advertising other guilds and communities is prohibited. As well as their information resources without the approval of the head of their guild.
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Important Information

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